Helping the Coolest Startups raise money from Value Added Angels

Joining the Investment Platform

"We are building a platform for Startups to raise Capital"

    • The investment process begins with the filling up a simple sign-up form.

    • Once you sign-up, our team reaches out to you to verify if you are an accredited investor.

    • Thereon, you become part of an exclusive group of investors.

Curation of Target Companies

"We aim to boil the oceans and get the most promising ideas"

    • Tracxn's team of analysts analyse over 100 sectors globally, tracking the latest trends in the hottest sectors.

    • We hand-pick 1-2 of the most promising startups from upcoming sectors after thorough analysis.

    • We showcase up to 2 startups every week on the Syndicate platform to all registered angels.

Roadshows and Investments

"We are getting Investors and Startups on One Platform"

  • The startup fundraising process lasts over a 3-day window

    • Investors selected by the startups up for funding will be notified and will get exclusive access to the pitch.

    • This is followed by a video presentation by the founder where investors can post their queries and get responses.

    • Following this, investors can also set up one-to-one calls with the founders.

    • Interested investors showcase their interest with an amount and highlight the value they will add to the startup.

    • Founders choose which investors they want on-board and it's done!

    • Tracxn takes care of the formal agreement and documentation that shall follow.

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About Us

"At Tracxn, we love to help entrepreneurs!"

Tracxn Syndicate is a venture backed by Tracxn! Technologies Pvt Limited. Using our massive database and army of analysts, we track and follow over a 100 sectors globally looking for the next great idea and the next emerging market.

Through Tracxn Syndicate and our massive "Competitive Intelligence" engine, we plan to help budding entrepreneurs accelerate and build the next great idea.

Tracxn Syndicate is conceived as a platform aimed at easing the way startups in India raise money, while also giving individuals an opportunity to invest in promising Indian startups whilst mitigating risk through shared investing.